Gratitude and all things random

A moment of gratitude makes a difference in your attitude.  

Waking up each morning I am grateful that I have a roof over my head, a family to love, a career I am passionate about…

I am grateful I am injury free and can exercise, and I am grateful for this sweet headband to make me smile when I kill my workout!  

Iso Chisel.  DONE!  
Some other randomness for the day…

I finally gave in and purchased an adult coloring book.  It has been amazing to spend quiet time with the kids, we all lie on the floor coloring and talk about our day.   It’s a great way to be quiet with your thoughts and let the stress of the day melt away.  I highly recommend it.  Can’t wait for my next one!  

I picked Sam up from school today and she was coloring this one.  I’m super impressed!  

The sunset was also pretty awesome.  I like working in the country. 

What are you grateful for today? 

What does your view look like?

When was the last time you colored?

Motivation Monday

I absolutely love Mondays.  Maybe I’m a weirdo or maybe I just love what I do!  Today was INSANE!  After my morning  workout (Hammer Plyo), I went to work then after work set up a display at the kids daycare to try to find other moms I could help bring into my support group. 
This week I am going to focus on our mind. I really think our mind is our most powerful tool.

The #1 thing we need to do is BELIEVE. Believe in yourself. Believe in your abilities. This goes for everything in life, not just fitness. Positive affirmations are so important, and coupled with hard work and consistency you can be unstoppable!

A few months ago I was considering quitting coaching. It takes time and sometimes I’m tired. Then I listened to a coach call by one of the top coaches in the organization she said “don’t quit 5 minutes before your miracle.” 

 For some odd reason this quote stuck in my brain so hard. Every time I want to quit ANYTHING I just think, If I stay consistent, and keep taking small steps, who know’s where I’ll end up?

Since then I have met some of the most phenomenal women, reconnected with old friends, and created new friendships. I don’t know where coaching will lead me, but I don’t want to quit 5 minutes before my miracle. Maybe I will meet someone that will change my life? So many of you already have.  

What are some things you are working on in your life that you don’t feel 100% confident about? Write them down. Then tell yourself that you will achieve your goal and make sure you have an action plan in place to get there. Small steps, every day. Stay consistent, keep pushing. I don’t want you to quit before your miracle!

In other news, I came home today to this absolutely gorgeous bouquet from my husband with a thoughtful card and some chocolate.  He also wrote really sweet cards for both of our children.  I will have to save them forever!  

The kids were also so adorable tonight.  Sam wanted to put Jimmy to bed so she told him when he was done with his apple to come upstairs and she would read him a story then stay for 1 minute before lights out.  We listed from downstairs.  Jimmy got 4 books out of the deal but it was so sweet listening to them talk to eachother.  They were reading a look and find book and whenever Sam made a match Jimmy would say “good job!” And give a high 5 with so much enthusiasm.   Their love and laughter is amazing.


Stay home day

The kids call weekends stay home days.  We had a rough night.  Sam wasn’t feeling well so there was a lot of getting up and shuffling beds, like every few hours!  

After our pancake and bacon breakfast (an omelette for mom) the kids stayed in their PJs all day.

Workout Today was Total Body Chisel.  Jimmy was my little trainer.  He did the first few minutes of the DVD with me, all the moves.  That kid has pretty good form!  Then he pulled out all his toys and it was a separate workout for me to make sure I didn’t trip over anything!  We had fun and giggled a lot.  

While the kids napped I went out to stock up on all our healthy food for the week.  I really wanted to make a black bean soup but could you believe they were sold out of black beans?!? The one time I didn’t want to use canned!  I did get some sweet coloring books though!

The kids and I colored for about an hour and a half and listened to music.  It was so nice and peaceful.  Daddy cooked an amazing steak dinner with sautéed onions, baked potato, and spinach!  Yummmm-o

Then some quiet time before bed.  The hubs and I watched Black Sails then I finished the night with Downton.

Is everyone set for Monday?!? I’ve got Hammer Plyo on the schedule.  
What are your favorite Sunday rituals?

Have you tried adult coloring books?

What workout is on your calendar tomorrow?


I have been hearing this and seeing this everywhere lately. I’m re-reading “the compound effect”and the author Darren Hardy adopted a lot of his theories from Jim Rohn.  I definitely want to read one of his books next.  

I think this principle is really something to think about.

You can never be truly happy if you surround yourself with negative people. You won’t grow in your career if you surround yourself with the people who always find things to complain about instead of the people pushing and achieving.  

Just like you are conscious of who your children hang out with, good or bad influences, are you as aware of the people you hang out with?  

Make a list of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Do you challenge each other, support each other? Do they influence you to be a better person? To do more and be more?   

Now the hard part.  If they are NOT moving you in the right direction, are you willing to disassociate that person from your life?   Phew, what a rough thought!

One thing I am so grateful for are all the people I have met through coaching. our beachbody teams and community pages online have been wonderful. Although we may not have physically met, it is amazing to have a network of people who will keep you honest, keep pushing you, and always try to help you achieve whatever you set your mind to.  

Mindful Morning 

I have been doing a lot of soul searching and reading lately.   Trying to be a better mom.  It is not easy.

Social media is misleading.  People always tell me, “oh my you do it all, how do you manage?!  You’ve really got it together!” 

 Um, hardly!  I try but I’m not perfect and there are moments when I lose it.   

I loved this quote from Jillian Michael’s Instagram this week.

Just this morning I was trying to clean up from breakfast, my daughter was playing with these hydrated little balls that go everywhere.  I asked her to stop and she didn’t want to.  Needless to say, those little balls went everywhere and in the process of cleaning up we also spilled milk.  I lost it and yelled at her.  It wasn’t her fault completely.  I could have handled the situation better.  I apologized for snapping at her.

One day at a time, one hour at a time…one minute at a time?  We are all doing the best we can!