Fact Friday: Antioxidants

I am driven by FACTS (as a scientist) and I have been feeling that there is so much fluff out there, people never know where to go for information, and is that information true? Then, what does that information mean to ME? So, what I have decided to do is create a FACT FRIDAY post where I will highlight a different ingredient in food or skincare as or class of chemicals and give YOU facts from reputable sources and be as clear as possible without expressing my opinion, just the facts.


Please feel free to request what ingredients you are curious about.

For my first Fact Friday: I was going to talk about chia seeds, BUT I realized you may not know WHAT Omega-3 fatty acids or antioxidants ARE or WHY you should even care?! So our first fact Friday is going to be about: ANTIOXIDANTS, what they are, how they work, and why they are important.


Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals….HOLD UP.

What are free radicals? What kind of damage can they do to your body?
“Free radicals” are unstable atoms, or molecules, in your body. They are missing important components that would make them more stable. So they rob other cells of those components to meet their needs. This causes injury to previously healthy cells. Over time, this damage can lead to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, or Alzheimer’s disease.

Your body produces free radicals through its NORMAL processes. Your body also contains ITS OWN antioxidant molecules, which deactivate harmful free radicals. But things like cigarette smoking, pollution, and excessive alcohol consumption can create SO many free radicals that your body has a hard time defusing them on its own.


Antioxidants- What they do
• stabilize those free radicals and can help minimize the damage to your cells
• Help decrease inflammation
• Help maintain the immune system
• Potentially decrease the risk of degenerative diseases

Antioxidants include
• vitamins (such as vitamins C and E
• some minerals (such as selenium)
• flavonoids, which are found in plants
• The best sources of antioxidants are fruits and vegetables


Antioxidants in Shakeology:
• Camu-Camu
• Acerola Cherry
• Bilberry
• Goji berry
• Green Tea
• Luo Han Guo
• Pomegranate
• Rose Hips
• Vitamins A, C, E


Resources: http://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/antioxidants-topic-overview


ACE Health Coaching Textbook


Snapchat.  I may be behind on this trend, but it is SO fun!   I am loving it.   Feel free to follow me at jessicaheidifit for some pretty crazy silly snaps, plus a lot of my kids too.

In light of my “snap” this morning.  I want to talk about LOVE.

Love yourself, and believe in yourself.  I was talking to someone last night who is interested in shakeology, interested in getting fit, and interested in the support I provide from my groups.  She wants to lose some weight and have more energy to play with her 3 kids.  Her hesitation… “what if I fail.”

This broke my heart!  We only fail, when we fail to try.  We all have limitless potential and are capable of phenomenal things.  Nothing sets you apart from the super successful person making 6 + figures and living the dream life.  The difference is they tried!

We all have a day 1, a week 1, month, year 1.  What is important is never losing sight of why we want something then taking the necessary steps to get there.

We can chant affirmations, create dream boards, and search for motivational posts on pinterest to our hearts content, but until we actually take those dreams and motivation and affirmations and ACT on them will something happen.

I hate how this quote has become SO overused, but if we want something we’ve never had, we have to do something we’ve never done…

I have been reading the Miracle Morning, and also listening to Jim Rohn, and I think the more enlightened version of that saying is, “SUCCESS IS SOMETHING YOU ATTRACT, BY THE PERSON YOU BECOME”

You are not that person yet.  But by making mindful choices daily to work later, or be kinder, or walk instead of drive, you are becoming that different person.

At the end of the day, who do you want to become?  I would love to help and encourage you to get there.   You hold all the power, now go unleash it.



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Fitness Friday

OK, I guess it’s time to start!  I have been so hesitant to actually begin but sometimes you just have to take that leap and figure it out as you go.

A few months ago I read the book the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  I seriously loved that book so much I am reading it again.  Confession, I don’t actually have time to read so I listen on audible during my commute into work.

In the very beginning of his book he wrote that his dad religiously got up and exercised every morning and he could set his clock by his father’s workouts.  Rain, sleet or shine, he was out there doing his old school military presses and dead lifts.  I thought, “Man, I would love if that was me.  I could never.  I hate getting up in the morning.”  Then I caught myself.  Why couldn’t it be me?  I’d just have to do it.  I’d just have to try!  So a few months ago I set a small goal for myself to get up before my family and do my workout before everyone woke up.  Just try for 1 week I told myself.

The first thing I did was tackle my excuses.

  1.  I am always cold in the morning and I know I hate changing out of my PJs.
    • I slept in my workout clothes with sweatpants and a sweatshirt on over it.
  2. I have no motivation to get up.
    • I put my phone next to my bed and in the morning when my alarm went off I went into our motivation group and looked at all the amazing things people were accomplishing.  I also went on instagram and searched some hashtags like #noexcuses #fitfamily #hammerandchisel or any other fitness program I was planning on doing that day.  It lit a fire under me to get it done so I could share my own success

After one week of rising before the rest of the house I was hooked.  I can’t say I do it 7 days a week, but more days than not I am up, have exercised, showered, and dressed before I hear the little footsteps coming down the stairs.   It has been a good 5 months now and I relish those quiet hours in the house just for me.

morning workout

I am currently doing the Beachbody Program called Hammer and Chisel.  Today was Max Hammer.  The premise is to fatigue your muscle with movements for 1 minute, then use max weight for 8 reps.  I love it.  I am seeing serious gains in muscle definition.

Last night the kids stayed up a LITTLE bit later than usual because we rented the movie Hotel Transylvania 2.  It was so cute.  I swear those movies are made for adults as much as for kids.   The little ones woke up, we got them dressed, had some breakfast, and were out the door.


Jimmy is liking this stuffed Cheetah that we won at the boardwalk this past summer.  He wanted the cheetah to eat breakfast with us this morning.  Then he played with the Sagi bobble head.  I think Sagi was telling the Cheetah he needed to push harder.  Jimmy even stole some of my shakeology this morning.  That kid loves it!  Today’s flavor was cafe latte with banana, coconut extract and some cinnamon.  YUM!


Have a great Friday everyone!