Got Apples? Ideas for your Post-apple picking adventures.

This blog post is courtesy of my cousin Ned.  Every year we go apple picking and he recommended I do a blog post on what to do with all those apples!    If you are in the NJ area, I recommend Melick’s Farm, which has a few locations in central NJ.

We always have such a wonderful time.  The kids look forward to it every year.  In addition to apples, we got some honey sticks, fresh pressed apple cider right from the mill, we got some hard cider for the adults and I got some amazing pickled beets that I have been enjoying on my salads!

The first thing I made with the apples was Applesauce Nut Bread from Skinny Taste which required I make the homemade crockpot applesauce first!

What I love about this applesauce recipe is that it is SO easy!  Peel and cut apples, add in lemon and a cinnamon stick, stir a few times and wallah!  Applesauce.


I didn’t even need to use a blender.  I just mixed with a spoon and it fell apart.


I gave a jar to my neighbor and her two year old loved it!  She even mixed it in her yogurt one day!

Once the applesauce was complete, I moved onto the bread.  For this loaf I skipped the walnuts because my kids don’t like nutty breads… those crazy kids.

While I was going through my pictures I came across this gem.  My daughter grabbed my phone and snapped a picture.  Full disclosure, this is what I looked like on a Sunday morning, day after a half marathon and week long business trip on a different coast.  Not pretty.


This recipe calls for 1 chopped apple.  Next time I will make one with nuts.


It is absolutely, hands down, delicious!  Thank you Skinny Taste for your amazing recipes!  I gave half this loaf to my other neighbor because her kids loved it!   I will be making both the apple sauce and bread again to give more to my lucky neighbors.  To make both, you need a total of 9 apples.

Here are some other ideas and favorite recipes to try!

If you need even more ideas, the food network came out with an amazing article “50 things to make with apples.”




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