Give it a wink

Choosing to take care of yourself and do something about how you feel takes mental strength. When you are tired from working, or taking care of your kids (or husbands or pets) but you still make the decision day after day to keep going and just get in 30 minutes of exercise for you. It does wonders for your mental strength.

I don’t know about you, but when I complete a really tough workout, that sense of accomplishment trickles into the rest of my day. I think critically, bring forward innovative ideas at work, and at home I have just that ounce more patience with my kids start screaming at me when I cut their sandwich in rectangles instead of triangles.

Today I finally had a “normal” routine day where I got up early and got my workout in before the household was awake.  I hadn’t done a hardcore lifting workout in awhile, so it was challenging but felt great.   The rest of the morning there were a few bumps, but I didn’t let them bother me and we all got out the door without too much struggle.


I personally love a challenge.  When someone says I can’t do something, it gives me more fuel to prove them wrong.  Oh yea I can’t?  Watch me.

Half way through the week.  Let’s finish strong!

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