The 3 phases in creating a lasting habit

Right now, I am running a challenge group of 21 day fix.  We are on day 20 and a lot of people are wondering what to do after the first 21 days?  I shared this with them tonight, and I want to share it with all of you too.
I am reading the “Miracle Morning”, and this chapter could NOT have come at a better time. It is all about how it takes 30 days (not 21) to create a habit.  It is broken down into 3 phases.
Phase 1: Days 1-10: UNBEARABLE.
First, you have made a decision to do something. Here you have advantage over everyone else, BUT you need to be prepared for the first 10 days. These days are challenging, but temporary. If the benefit is great enough, you can do anything for 10 days right?  If you are going to improve your health, lose weight, or gain mental clarity, changing a habit it WORTH IT!
The first 10 days of implementing anything aren’t a picnic, but you can defy it, you may even hate it at times but you CAN do it. It only gets easier from here and the reward is the ability to create anything you want for your life!
Phase 2: Days 10-21, UNCOMFORTABLE
These are the most difficult. The excitement of doing something new has worn off but the new habit is considerably easier and you have begun to create positive associations to the benefit of your habit. You will have developed some confidence. It requires disciple and commitment on your part to stay consistent and it will be easy to feel tempted to fall back into your old habits.
Phase 3 Days 21-30 UNSTOPPABLE
You have formed a new habit in the first 21 days, but these NEXT 10 days are crucial for sustaining your habit for the long term. The final 10 days are where you positively reinforce and associate pleasure with your new habit, where before you were associating pain. Instead of resisting, you start feeling happy and proud of yourself that you have made it this far. Phase 3 is also where the REAL transformation occurs. Your new habit becomes part of your identity. It transcends the space between something you’re trying and who you’re becoming. You start seeing yourself as someone who LIVES the habit.
I went on to encourage everyone to keep going and grab some friends.  Starting April 4th I will be hosting a new group for #summerstrong.
If you are interested in joining us, drop me an email.  I will be announcing their 21 day transformations next week.  I am so proud of all of them already!
Happy Saturday everyone!!!
In case you aren’t following me on snapchat yet, here are a few snippets of yesterday!  [snapchat: jessicaheidifit]
Sam got into her jewelry early in the morning and came downstairs super dolled up.  After I snapped this picture she wanted to add some flowers to it and share it with her aunt!
I absolutely loved yesterday, I got off my computer and spent 4 glorious hours in the lab.  I got so much done and was able to just zone out, listen to music, and make something pretty amazing.   I look like such a nerd.   I actually really hate selfies… but this is me!

It’s FRIDAY night, the kids were so excited.  After their little dance party, we went out to dinner and they were so well behaved!  They sat nicely, colored, and ate all their dinner.  I actually think it was a miracle.

Off to spin this morning, maybe followed by a farmers market and an extra Beachbody On Demand workout if I am feeling up to it.   Gotta relieve that stress of living with toddlers.  I love them more than anything, but sometimes it is a bit trying!!
I hope everyone has a great weekend, and as always if you are interested in making a change in your life, either with fitness, or looking to add some extra income by doing something you love and meeting new people.  Send me a message.

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