Deer Valley Utah Part 1

It has been awhile since my last blog post.  We were on our winter family vacation!  It was wonderful!  Just last year we started trying to take a family ski vacation.  I fell in love with the mountain air, being outside all day, being active, learning something new, and exposing our kids to yet another way to experience the amazingness of nature, and our human bodies!

This was the view from our kitchen window… can’t beat that.


Last year Jimmy did not come with us, he was not going to ski, and having two toddlers on a plane did not seem like fun, but I am so happy he was with us this year.  He LOVED the planes and the airport.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of his face during takeoff.  He was holding on to the arm rests and made a scared/excited face.  I think he was surprise how fast we went.    And he was not drinking soda, it was filled with water.  Nana also came with us!

We were a bit nervous about spring weather, but we had a few days of phenomenal conditions!


The perk of staying on the mountain was we ALWAYS got the first run in.  It was so perfect, peaceful, and quiet in the morning.  You could race down the mountain and feel the crisp winter air on your cheeks.

Deer Valley is a skiers only resort in Park City Utah.    We stayed on the SUCCESS run on Bald Eagle Mountain.   Last year I was just learning so I stayed on mainly greens.  This year I got to really explore the entire resort and go on all the mountains.  I stayed on all blues!  Next year my goal is to tackle a double blue.



One of my favorite days was Wednesday.  We got a babysitter to come to the house for the morning and all the adults went skiing all morning.  We made it over to the eastern most peak Empire, and the view was spectacular.  Thank goodness there was 1 blue to go down, the rest were diamonds and double diamonds!




Our absolute favorite trails were off Flagstaff Mountain.  We enjoyed Hawkeye, Sidewinder which was like a long winding S turns all the way down, and Bluebell to Stargazer.  On Bald Mountain we liked Nabob and Keno.  Aren’t the names so fun too?!

Samantha was a champ! She skied down Success 3 times!


We got to enjoy dinners out with friends.  My favorite restaurant was Zoom.  The food was so delicious, Jimmy cleaned his plate then he devoured mine instead of his kids meal.  He is no dummy!

James and I also had a nice date at Butcher’s Chop House & Bar.  It was a lovely dinner and I had a delicious bison.  James tried a bit of mine but he said he wasn’t that adventurous yet.  I told Jimmy when we got home and he kept saying the rest of vacation that he wanted to eat buffalo for dinner.  That’s my boy!

My mother in law and some family ate at the Bistro American Bistro and they said it was phenomenal.  All French cuisine.

After full days of skiing, we were exhausted!  We enjoyed quality time together, colored, sipped tea, relaxed by the fire, and went in the hot tub outside.  IMG_2397


More to come…


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