Reality Testing

I’m listening to this book on my commute to and from work called “Motivational Legends”

One of the guys had such a great speech I wanted to share a piece.  He called it reality testing.  

What is your go to excuse?  Have no time?  Why don’t you?  Want to be skinny? Why aren’t you?  Want to be in a good relationship?  Why aren’t you?  Want to be financially independent?  What’s stopping you?  

Take any of your excuses and do a reality check.  Has anyone in your situation accomplished what you want?  How about 5 people?  How about 10 people?  How about the 500,000 people since the beginning of the republic of the United States that have had it much worse than you but have accomplished what you want.  

Your excuse is invalid. It has no substance. It is merely a fantasy. An illusion we use not to make progress.  

Wow, that is some heavy tough love.  But rings so true. What is stopping you?  

We need to get out of our own way.  It isn’t our external environment that is stopping us. 80% of what we want can be achieved by our internal mindset and our willingness to do, to be, to change. 

The other piece is you have to refuse to believe in failure.  

He has a whole other piece on self efficacy.  Check back next week for more on manifesting your dreams into reality.



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