Stay home day

The kids call weekends stay home days.  We had a rough night.  Sam wasn’t feeling well so there was a lot of getting up and shuffling beds, like every few hours!  

After our pancake and bacon breakfast (an omelette for mom) the kids stayed in their PJs all day.

Workout Today was Total Body Chisel.  Jimmy was my little trainer.  He did the first few minutes of the DVD with me, all the moves.  That kid has pretty good form!  Then he pulled out all his toys and it was a separate workout for me to make sure I didn’t trip over anything!  We had fun and giggled a lot.  

While the kids napped I went out to stock up on all our healthy food for the week.  I really wanted to make a black bean soup but could you believe they were sold out of black beans?!? The one time I didn’t want to use canned!  I did get some sweet coloring books though!

The kids and I colored for about an hour and a half and listened to music.  It was so nice and peaceful.  Daddy cooked an amazing steak dinner with sautéed onions, baked potato, and spinach!  Yummmm-o

Then some quiet time before bed.  The hubs and I watched Black Sails then I finished the night with Downton.

Is everyone set for Monday?!? I’ve got Hammer Plyo on the schedule.  
What are your favorite Sunday rituals?

Have you tried adult coloring books?

What workout is on your calendar tomorrow?

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