I have been hearing this and seeing this everywhere lately. I’m re-reading “the compound effect”and the author Darren Hardy adopted a lot of his theories from Jim Rohn.  I definitely want to read one of his books next.  

I think this principle is really something to think about.

You can never be truly happy if you surround yourself with negative people. You won’t grow in your career if you surround yourself with the people who always find things to complain about instead of the people pushing and achieving.  

Just like you are conscious of who your children hang out with, good or bad influences, are you as aware of the people you hang out with?  

Make a list of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Do you challenge each other, support each other? Do they influence you to be a better person? To do more and be more?   

Now the hard part.  If they are NOT moving you in the right direction, are you willing to disassociate that person from your life?   Phew, what a rough thought!

One thing I am so grateful for are all the people I have met through coaching. our beachbody teams and community pages online have been wonderful. Although we may not have physically met, it is amazing to have a network of people who will keep you honest, keep pushing you, and always try to help you achieve whatever you set your mind to.  

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